Communication plays a vital role in Education system. We are teaching our faculties with

  • Spoken English
  • Spoken Hindi and conducting (Hindi exams prathmic to Praveen)

I saw that bad handwriting should be regarded as a sign of an imperfect education -Mahatma Gandhi.

In this we are providing the (calligraphy Handwriting) class for the faculties to shape their handwriting also.


Teacher by teaching, not by correcting The marks or grades or stars doesn’t guide a good student likewise, A teacher will be shaped with positive attitude, improving & we eliminate the negative approaches. Social development, child psychology, child development etc,

yoga develops concentration, Observation etc,.. We are providing life skill programmes for the faculties and certificate also provided. Even the faculties can take their career as Yoga Teacher also.

A teacher would balance with academics as well as sports, because the children mostly like a playful and kind full teacher. Indoor & outdoor games also provided here.

We will celebrate all the north & south festive to encourage the children to know the concept of the festive. Events for teacher to take them to an foreign trip for teacher training.

We teach the faculties about the rules of our country and general knowledge facts fire safety, road safety, etc, Some medical instructions also given do the teachers about “how to handle the student’s when they are sick” only a teacher can do the “Role of mother is some critical situations”.

Six months once Exhibition about the work of the teachers subject wise will be conducting the exhibition based on Languages, science, child education, computer etc,..

Computer lab, languages lab, like phonic and club activities for languages Tamil, English, Hindi