S R Leaders public school was established to empower the children with good knowledge, global thinking and to implement the innovative ideas .All of us have an equal talent ,but all of us should posses an equal opportunity to develop it. Moreover children is like an lamp ,they should not be filled ,they should be lit for an Bright future. S R Leaders allows children to develop their individual talents and encourage to overcoming their disabilities, by providing an traditional and spiritual way of education. S R leaders stimulates an opportunity for the children to build their career on their own with self confidence and to survive the world and to compete the global economy needs.


Meet our Founder

Many may dream about education,But my vision about education is to explore our leders as an solution for our learners,which will guide them for their goal in life. I feel the real achievement of this life time can be fulfilled when one serves the needy.

In such a way giving EDUCATION is the first and the best service to the society and also can enhance the real peace and satisfaction when one gives the best of education. Such life time ambition of mine, can reach its peak only because of our tender hearted teachers,and innovative kids and the supporting parents.


Our leader THILAK .T.S of Grade 1 has won the student of the year 2015-2016. Under the category of Academic Performance.

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Our academics brings the children to strike the 21 century Education and learning is the most important ingredient in life to become all that you can be. So curriculum plays fundamental role in our education. Children of age 2+ to 4+ are consider as an preschool group and followed by the Montessori method of teaching .Our serenity faculties have the ability on psychological en route for the children.